Banks & financial institutions​

- bank licensing

- securities documentation
- title perfection
- recoveries of debt

The firm’s members have handled establishment of banks (from advising bank promoters, to obtaining banking licences, to advising on post-merger matters); documentation & perfection of bank securities and debt recoveries totalling in excess of N10 billion;

Banks and financial regulatory institutions that firm’s members have advised and represented in the past include Nigeria Merchant Bank Plc,  Standard Trust Bank Plc, Fountain Trust Bank Ltd, New Nigeria Bank Ltd, UBA Trustees Ltd and the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The firm currently provides active services on high level/high net worth matters to United Bank for Africa Plc, Ecobank Nigeria Plc, Unity Bank Plc, Keystone Bank Ltd, and Primewealth Trustees Ltd.



- company secretarial services
- employment matters
- allotments and forfeitures
- winding up
- regulatory & compliance

The firm’s members have provided advice/services relating to one or more of the above aspects to miscellaneous and diverse companies including Credit Factors and Finance Company Ltd, Best Property Ltd, Delaney Petroleum Ltd, M-B Automobile Services Ltd, Bang & Olufsen Nigeria Ltd, Atlantic Meridean Company Ltd, Osaka Telecommunication Nigeria Ltd, Vidatel Ltd, Suntrust Oil and Gas Company Nigeria Ltd, GWI Ventures Nigeria Ltd, Servtrust Ltd, Prudential Guards Ltd,  Redfern International Ltd, Alpha Technologies Ltd.



- employment
- discipline
- termination
- collective agreements
- unions

The firm advises on employment contracts and administration of same including disciplinary procedures and measures and termination of employment.

The firm also provides guidance in the sphere of industrial law particularly as relates to collective bargaining and agreements, and trade union matters and industrial action.

Legal assistance in the above respects has been given to Schlumberger Nigeria Ltd, Servtrust Ltd, Prudential Guards Ltd, Goodworks International Ltd.



- field brokerage
- rig brokerage
- preparation of joint operating agreements
- preparation of financing contracts
- preparation of production sharing contracts

- advicing on electricity power projects

The firm advises on upstream oil and gas contracts and operations, and is also poised to advice on electricity power projects.

The firm consulted for Suntrust Oil and Gas and for Sanga Oil and Gas in the 2005 Nigeria oil bid round; and subsequently participated in negotiations for pairing off of interests in OPL 239 and OPL 281.

The firm also provided JOA and FPSA drafting/review services for Umusadege marginal field in upland delta under OML 56, which is now in full production.

The firm has participated in oil-field asset sourcing for ERHC Energy.


Property & Conveyancing

- Mortgages

- Leases of residential and business premises
- Leases/licensing of telecommunications base station sites
- Purchases and sales of all real property
- Perfections of leases and purchases
- Structuring of joint holdings into a corporation
- Use of corporations as self-contained transfer vehicles.

The firm’s members have over the past two decades handled or advised on over 300 transactions pertaining to the above.

The firm is adept (a) at obtaining profound financial bargains for clients, and (b) creating extremely efficient and competent documentation of transactions.

The firm has handled transactions relating to one or more of the above aspects for miscellaneous corporation and individual clients including Oceanic Bank International Plc, Bottle & Basket Ltd, Urban Living Ltd, Sabow Holdings Ltd, Hansoficht Nigeria Ltd, Halliday Ltd, Fifty-Nine Parkview Ltd, Atlantic Meridean Company Ltd, Osaka Telecommunication Nigeria Ltd, Vidatel Ltd, Suntrust Oil and Gas Company Nigeria Ltd, Worldwide Premier Logistics Solution (Nig) Ltd, Sinoj Nigeria Ltd, Fifty-Nine Parkview Ltd, Foxwood Estates Ltd.



- Regulatory and compliance

- Gateways
- Base station Co-location
- Base station leasing/licensing

- Telephony

- Internet services

The firm’s members have handled regulatory and compliance issues relating Internet Service Provision, Community Telephony, Point-of-Sale transactions infrastructure; Base station co-location agreements; and Base station leasing and licensing.

Telecommunications corporations that firm’s members have advised and represented in the past include Jasper Wireless, Osaka Telecommunications Nigeria Ltd, Vidatel Ltd, Oraka Information Services Ltd, and Alpha Technologies Ltd.

Wills, Probate & Administration


- Preparation of wills


- Obtaining probate and administration

The firm advises on and handles preparation of wills, and also handles applications for and obtaining of grants of probate for executors and/or letters of administration for administrators. 

The firm is versed in the use of corporations as vehicles for transmission of property or as trust viable entities.

Scores of transactions of the above kinds have been fully completed by the firm over the preceding two decades.




- Torts

- Matrimonial causes

- Insurance

- Miscelllaneous

The firm has handled miscellaneous claims and defences in tort including those pertaining to defamation, fatal accidents,trespass, and negligence.

The firm also provides guidance on matrimonial causes and has successful prosecuted and defended insurance claims.

legal services in miscellaneous other areas of law are also offered.